The land we live on actually smaller then you think. There are millions of human beings , states and countless religions on earth. But our Earth is a small particle against the whole universe.

We take you on a journey to the universe and leave our earth and search for a new world where you will be amazed to see everything. 

                                         OUR EARTH 

We start our journey with our nearest neighbour the moon. The moon which we actually see every night shining in the sky, is 384000 km far away from us. If we put all the planets in our solar system between the moon and earth, the distance between Earth and Moon may be covered. 30 Earth can be found in middle distance between the moon and the earth. 



The main question is that which photo has found on the moon by science? 

We were thought from childhood that there was a beautiful doll photo on the moon. But in 1969, when Neil Armstrong made his step on Moon, he found no doll there. Science took away from us this beautiful childhood stor. 

In the last century, Roman used to teach a story to children in their circulum, an old man was a sitting under a tree in a forest. He was shivering in the cold. He was hungr. He found in the bushes monkey rabbit and Fox. The old man told to them his hunger. the monkey took fish from somewhere and put it before the old man. The fox took lizard and put before the old man. The rabbit, if he did not get anything, humbly presented himself to the old man. Suddenly the old man Rose up, and said, " I am not an old man, but I am the god of heaven.” the old man painted rabbits photo on the moon as a reward. 

No just this story but the world where there are so many story like this. Number mission sent to moon found no image is there. People still believe in the story. Sorry! All story taken away from us. 


The answer is that there is no picture of anyone on the moon. Mission Apollo 11 when he went to the moon, he found nothing there except The rocks. Neil Armstrong and his team broad Rock stone with them as they arrived, and research revealed that million year ago, the moon had a huge volcanic burst. The lava spread for thousands of miles and when the sun rays hit the moon they look like black stab from Earth. the white thing found on the moon is actually the Ash that we see from a distance after the volcano burst. 

                             SEE THE SURFACE OF MOON

The moon is not blessed with climate and rain, which will probably keep its foot marks on moon for millions of years but for millions of years. Beside Nile Armstrong, there are many signs of foot marks on the moon, these were the people who went to the moon after Neil Armstrong. 

But did you know that a beautiful girl name was written on the moon? In the plays and dramas, the lover of an promised to his beloved to bring moon from sky. But a man who did this, he wrote the name of beautiful girl on the Moon who will last for millions of years. 

Yes, this was the last man to go to the moon, the commander of the Apollo 17 cernan. He promised his daughter that when I go to moon, I will write your name on the moon, that commander fulfilled his promise day and put a beautiful girls name on the moon. But there is a sad think with him, he could not take a picture of the name and its offering blasted all its life but what can be regret now. 

                              APOLLO 11 AIRCRAFT 


No mission has been to the moon since Apollo 17. Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon and you Jain the last man to go to the moon. But history had to take a new turn. Scientist are also preparing to go back to the moon but also to build space station there permanently. the purpose of creating a space station is how we can survive on the moon and how we can benefit from it resources. 

but the photo of other side of moon are even more beautiful there are no black spots signs. But there is beautiful and shining. Our earth has a very close connection to the moon. A huge stone hit our earth millions of year ago, causing the moon to break away from our Earth and cut of its surroundings. And a little bit went from the Earth. The moon is continue to be 3.8 CM away from us every year. How do we know the moon is getting away from us every year? 

The reason is that the glass on the moon, who ever went to mission Moon put a glass and placed on the moon. When the laser light is standing on the Moon from Earth, the distances  the moon is detected. Which shows that the moon is getting away from us every year. 

The moon may not be visible to us incoming 5 billion years. But before this happen, the sun will clear its light and cold and perfectly. 

                                            THE SUN


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