In 1969 the first man landed on the moon to this day man space travel is it not ready yet to look Mars even another planet. With the passage of time, the science has been developed and made the impossible to possible. With the help of the science and modern instrument we can see outer space. Today our topic is Saturn, Lets quick view on Saturn and search for life another planet. 

                           SATURN PLANT AND ITS RINGS

Saturn is not only sixth planet of the solar system but also the largest planet after Jupiter. With the approximate  distance 1.4 million kilometres to the sun the planet takes 29 years and 166 days to complete the one orbit. the minimum distance between the Earth and Saturn is 1.2 millions kilometre. The diameter of Saturn is 120500 kilometre. The weight of the Saturn is 95 of earth masses. Which means Saturn mass is 95 x bigger than Earth. Because of its size satin was covered thousands of years ago even before the telescope invented. 

Its most famous feature is it's beautiful ring which made the Saturn as ringed planet. The ring consists of mainly water ice. The planet Saturn named after the Roman God. 

Saturn considered as a gas planet. 95% hydrogen is found here. What is the composition of the planets atmosphere?

Hydrogen is found in the saturn atmosphere, 97% hydrogen is  found in atmosphere remaining 3% consist namely helium ammonia and steam. The average temperature on the surface is about to 140 degree Celsius. 

In simple answer is that Saturn is not for human being because it is a gas giant planet. 

                         THE SATURN ORBITING THE SUN

Today 83 moons has been discovered that the orbit of the Saturn planet. No other planet in our solar system has more satellite as Saturn. The largest and biggest moon of Saturn is Titan. Its diameter is 5101 km. Titan is the only moon in our solar system which contains nitrogen. On the surface of moon we can found the methane seas in the liquid form. 

In October 1997 2 space probe was launched by scientist. number one cassini  orbited whose mission to study the orbit of planet. And other probe is designed to land on the the Titan. After 7 years cassini was enter the orbit of gas giant planet. As travelled Saturn ring high resolution photo was taken by cassini. During the traveling to unknown moons were also discovered. Their name is s / 2004 s1 and s/2004 as 2. 

On the Titan , December 25th 2004, probe was separated from cassini by a blast was able to start branding approach on Titan. 

                         THE MOON OF PLANET SATURN 

Titan the second largest moon in the solar system it is roughly 3200 miles and 5000 to 150 kilometres in diameter making it is slightly bigger than the planet Mercury and nearly 50% wider than Earth's moon. That is frequently described as a planet like because of its significant atmosphere that is mostly made up of nitrogen and maintain this thick blanket of orange coloured has extend out to an altitude of around 370 miles for 595 km above the moon. 

Saturn has 82 moons, 53 moons are confirmed, it has been seen by Cassini, and other moons are waiting official confirmation and naming. Our Earth has only one moon, it is very beautiful in the night. Like Saturn, the night view of the sky shall look very beautiful. But, Sorry! there is no life on the Saturn. 


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