International space station ISS 

International space station, ISS, is the largest man-made structure in the space. It was launched into space after to build into pieces. 

Since so many years ago, international space station, ISS, took many years to become a reality. When, in 1984 NASA launched a program called space station freedom. When it was launched, it was never actually built in its original form. Five years later, construction begins in space. 

It is possible to construct a a station in the space? How it was too hard to construct a space station in the space? 

First, let's learn a little bit more about the space station. International space station is mainly used to conduct science experiments that can only be done in the space. First of all, there are 6 Astronauts on the board the station. Surprisely, international space station is about the size of an football field. 

It was just outside side the earth atmosphere. It is called low Earth orbit that some satellites orbit way out here. The orbiting speed of international space station is very high, however, it takes about 92 minutes to orbit the earth, that means 28,000 km per hour. 

There are many country are participating in this program, such as, United State Canada Russia Japan and so many other countries. 


The integrated truss structure is called the backbone of the international space station. In this part there are are so many powerful solar panel installed which help to generate electricity. The other parts as a radiator panels, please remove the heat from international space station. There are some others equipments also attached. 


In this part scientific experiment done here. The astronauts can live here. In this part, all the astronauts can work and space suit for also available in this part. 


It's made up of my module from the United States, different piece of the space station chord modulus which were built in many location around the globe. Hindi sports scientific experiments also done by Astronauts. 


Once construction started, the international space station took a 10 year before it was considered a complete international space station. 

First Module Zarya 

The first module is called ZARYA. It is called the power bank of this station. It provides energy from the solar arrays and also population when there is a need to move the space station. We found 3 docking ports in the front and back of module. These docking ports is used to connect an other module to the space station. 


It is very important to the space station. It has it 6 docking ports to connect the furthermore to the space station. 


What is called the life cell of space station. It provides life in space station and also considered the functional centre. It has also 3 docking ports in the front and in the back to connect an other module. 

Z1 Truss 

It is called the store rooms of space station. All the necessary equipment are available here. It is a pot of main truss and also provide a temporary mounting place. 


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