Black hole are deceptively simple and more complex nowadays. Recently NASA has discovered black holes in our Galaxy and everyone want to know what is the black hole? What is the true reality of black hole? In simple way the black hole means, a huge hole in the space, specially black colour.

Simple definition of black hole. 

Black hole region of space where the full form of gravity so intense  that nothing can escape not even light. Although, we don't have the physics to describe what a black hole is because it leads to a paradox of breakdown in our understanding of how the universe works? 

We have only for fundamental forces to describe how the universe works. Gravity of those four is probably the one that we had the most intuition for you for you throw something up it come back down but it's actually the least explored by Einstein, really recognise that gravitational field are equivalent to talking space and time not being separate entities. 

Black holes means which all the object in the cosmos planets, galaxies, none are as strange, mysterious for powerful as Black hole. Black holes are the most belonging things in the universe. We do not know what is inside the black hole. Recently the greatest research of NASA and other space agencies discovered the black hole. Black hole swallow the big star. In the other way, black holes have great gravitational pull. 

Black hole first discovered on the paper, some squiggle of the pen. The bizarre solution to a seemingly unsolvable equation. We did not believe for many years that black hole existed.  Yet slowly, a scientist investigate black hole, by observing the effect that they have on their surrounding is a heavy dance begins to mount. 

But the next question is what exactly are they? 

If we could visit one, what might we see? 

What there in men's power, do black hole somehow shape the very structure of the universe? 

Is it possible we might not exist without them?

Simply we are living on the edge of black holes. Black holes for more powerful as you can think. 


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