People's daily of China confirm that China's lender carrying China's first Rover has touched down Mars surface successfully. Sitting China's national space administration, people's delicious it was the country's first successful attempt to Land Rover on Mars. China has become second country after United State of America to successfully Land rovers on Mars. 

Russia arrear made an attempt but its Rover named Mars 3 stopped functioning after 110 seconds. Us has landed 5 rovers so far. With successful Mars landing, both rivals are up for competition space race. China like other country was one excluded from the international space station program, but it that remind to build its own space station. Tiangong which China is likely to build very soon and main module of space station we suspect fully placed in low Earth orbit on 9th April this year. 


With no confirmation of the international space station extension beyond 2024, China is most likelihood will be the only space power. With the successful landing of its Rover and a space station in making, nationalism in China is most likely to boil to cal level that public of China good attempt to unify Taiwan militarily. 

The Zhurong rover, named after an innocent Chinese fire god, wheel photograph the landing site, conductor self fractions and scientific exploration. The Chinese Mars mission was approved in 2016 with the aim of complete orbit, landing Land Rover operation. The Taiwan one probe functions of orbiter, lander and Rover. 


The Tianwen one mission, China's first interplanetary endeavor, reached the surface of the red planet. Friday on May 14 at approximately 4:41 a.m. when most of of people would be sleeping. Tianwen one, which translates to heavenly questions, arrived in Mars orbit in February after launching to the red planet on long March 5 rocket in July 2020. After circling the red planet for more than 3 months, the Tianwen one lander, with the Rover attached, separated from the orbit to begin its plunge towards the planet surface. The lander and Rover entered Mars atmosphere, the spacecraft endured similar procedure seven minutes of terror, that NASA's. Mars rovers has experienced when attempting soft landing on Mars. The spacecraft during the fire descent, after the mission safely parachuted down to the Utopia Planitia region, a plane inside of an enormous impact basin in the planet North hemisphere. Much like during NASA's Rover learning platform fired Some small, downward facing rocket engine close low down during the last few seconds of its decent. 

The China national space administration has not yet officially confirmed the successful landing, but people's daily tweeted congratulatory message for its big achievement.  

China's mars Rover, called Zhurong named and innocent fire God in Chinese mythology, will part ways with the lander by driving down foldable ramp. Once it has deployed, the Rover is expected to spend at least 90 days. Utopia Planitia is believed to contain vast amounts of water ice beneath the surface. Also where NASA'S viking 2 mission touched down in 1976. 


The Six wheeled Rover, which is about the size of NASA and Mars rover spirit and opportunity, carries 6 scientific instrument on board, including the to panoramic cameras, ground penetrating radar and a magnetic field detector. It also has a laser  that it can use to zap rocks and study their composition, as well as a methodological instrument to study the climate and weather on Mars. 


Zhurong will work in tandem with the Taiwan one orbital to study the planet and the orbiter will serve as data relay station for communication between Zhurong mission controllers on earth. The orbiter is designed to last for at least one Mars year, aur about 687 Earth days. Tianwen 1 maybe China's first Mars landing mission but it is not China's first Mars shot. 


The successful tianwen 1 mission in February made China vi entity to do so, following NASA the Soviet Union The European space agency, Indian and United Arab Emirates. 


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