A mighty event that's at the breath of our universe. No just tiny moment in time but still ongoing event of creation. As of today we will see the expansion of our universe that was once created by the big bang. In this 2 part special we will dive into the moment this dermatic event took place and will theorise what was before the creation of our known universe. It's all about before and after the big bang


Our universe contains the most dramatic and beautiful things you can imagine. We have billions of stars, planets and galaxies and dust clouds are in all sizes and different matter. From the bright sun to black hole it all came together in One epic event. Somethings aur not even possible for us humans to put into perspective. 13.8 billion years ago, the brith of our university took place. An event we call the Big bang. It's an explanation of how universe was created. Before we go on this violent journey, we must understand what is singularity is? This is an event in which property is infinite just like a black hole. The more gravity you have in our location the more is bande space.  


When you band space you also bend the distance between point A and b. Bending point A and b would also banned time. There is so much gravity in one place very strange things start to happen gravity is crushing everything into such a dens state this is called infinite gravity. Gravity is pulling everything into infinite density. You now have a singularity. Mind bending event in which other current laws of physics do not apply any more to this region of space. Our universe was once a very small singularity before it stretched over 13.8 billion years to the universe we can observe. The Big bang was not an explosion but an event in which space expanded out of a infinite singularity. To this current day of our known universe is still scratching and when Hubble figured out that other galaxies formed by the big bang were moving away from our Galaxy, the galaxies that are further away from us move faster than the ones that are close to us. It means that the universe is still expanding. we know everything around our solar system moves away. So at one point everything had to be very very close together. But let's go back the beginning because everything was extremely close together, it was very hot place. At the start of the big bang we have had a dramatic moment which week call plank. 


This is 10 million trillion trillion trillion trillionth of a second. At this moment the temperature reached hundred million trillion trillion degrees with in a second the universe expanded very fast. After that second the temperature cold down 100 billion degrees. After just one second all the the main aur created by this event over proton and neutron. It only took about 30 seconds before the temperature dropped for 3 billion degrees. 

We fast forward to 70 million years later. An important moment in which the temperature drop in auto from the first atoms, the building blocks for ordinary matter. Atoms can work together to create molecules that from almost anything around us. 

But how do we know all of this? 

It is not like we had first row seat tickets to watch this an invisible event happen. It's like a water drop that falls in the water. We study the ripple was created in the water to understand where this ripple originated from scientists study everything around us to understand at which point this event took place. An important part in the understanding of the big Ben is a speed in which galaxies are moving. Some galaxies move at unbelievably high speed of at least 100,000 kilo metres per second. When you look for a way in the universe there is so much more you can see. 

Universe as big as you think. The main reason behind the making of universities with Big bang as a small explosion. 


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