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We human are driven by the desire for knowledge, the ability to understand the workings and structures our environment helped our species reach the highly developed point in our history. We are today all the although humanity regularly produce new technological milestones there are still countless realities that elude our knowledge, almost entirely while these mysteries of life on the one hand cause big question marks over the head of experts. The fascination that emanates from these unsolved mysteries is equally undisputed. 

This topic becomes particularly exciting, whenever we turn to power field that seems to exceed our tangible horizon.  in the case of universe research is still in its infancy despite all the rocket sent into orbit and the successful moon landing in 1969. At present we know only at any part of universe. 

What is currently still hidden from our eyes?

The question of how big the universe? 

The universe is a great mystery for the scientist and all human beings. How big the universe is the biggest questions and a question marks for the experts, they have no answer but only observations. Today contributions we would like to present the current state research on this topic. Which state that our astronomical knowledge of our space and we will also talk about why the answer to the question of the size of the universe is so difficult. 


What we see in the night sky take a look at the sheer gigantic starry sky, thousands of twinkling star in the fireament dear silent witness to the fact that our Small home planet is only a tiny part of the universe. There are millions and millions of stars and planets are orbiting in their orbital zone. We can significantly understand how big the universe is in detail. This question has been a central point in the field of cosmological research. We know the universe was created about 13.8 billion years ago. The process known as big bang which essentially describes matter space and time. In the field of physical cosmology the cosmic microwave background radiation plays Central role in the study of earliest state of the universe. 

This is a type of admission in the microwave range that was created in the course  of The Big bang and still flows through the infinite expenses of the Galaxy today. With the help of various instrument which examine radiation and put it in relation to different distance. Researchers succeeded dating the approximate age of our universe. At the same time this also means that we are currently able to look 13.8 billion light years into the space from the earth. In technical knowledge universe is visible to us is called the event horizon. 

The experts today now know the universe is constantly expanding while at the time of The Big bang and object was still about 13.8 billion  light years away from Earth. The distance. Naturally during these observations we put our earth in the centre this is simply due to the spatial circumstances. 

But at which geographical point our blue home planet located with in the constantly growing universe is impossible to answer today. 


The measurement of the universe as we mentioned at the beginning international teams of experts regularly try to explore the entire dimensions of space. There are many method used by researcher and experts to explore the universe. 

KEY SEARCH METHOD, include certain measurement that investigate radiation of the early universe. Using this radiation moment scientist can determine different distance and try to qualify the dimensions of the universe. 

OLDEST KNOWN LIGHT, this source that is researchers have have been able to identify. In this way is 92 billion light years away from Earth conversely, however, this does not mean that the located object is actually the outermost component of the universe. 

The question of whether the universe and somewhere? It is much more difficult to answer than many of us would at first assume basically the further away and object is from home planet. Some object in the Galaxy are at such a great distance. The light rays the emit sometimes take billions of years before we can see from the Earth. According to this there are currently still come to last light rays in the universe on their way to us which have been travelling through the universe for billions of years ago. 

It shows that it is very difficult question for experts and scientist how big the universe is? If we can travel from light speed we take millions of years to reach the other side of our Galaxy. According to scientists universe is expanding with the speed of light. So it is very difficult to see the other part of our universe. Powerful technologies and powerful telescope unable to see age of universe. 


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