49 trillions dollars that is the total debit held by the world's government but what if I told you that one single thing in our universe could easily pay off all of the world's debit it may should like it but it's not it's a real planet, located in space. The planet is made totally out of diamonds and it's worth 29 million dollars today. We are going to look at what's on this planet if we would get to it what it's worth and also if humans could harvest the diamonds. 

Today we are going to look at the planet made of diamond. 


The day was the 10th of October 2012 astronomers jaws drop when they realised they discovered a new planet that planet went on to be called 5/5 Cancri E. The planet is double the size of earth and its made pretty Much all the diamonds the surface of the planet is covered in graphite and and diamonds on like earth which is covered with water and granite. This one has diamond institute most of these planets. The mass is pure diamonds. You cannot see diamonds on the planets buy a telescope call the reason why it looks like a volcano planets is because it is very near to its host star. Its ho star is called 5/5 concrete and it's sad to be much much more hot than the sun. But when the planet is pointing at its host star are you can see it fully l and when it's fully lit up it turns into blue colour. Which is the diamond and graphite on this planet. 

This planet it was discovered in Texas United States and it was returned with the NASA Hubble telescope. The telescope had detect hydrogen and helium but oddly no water viper was detected. This led to them discovering is planet known as a super Earth. Apparently, some parts of this planet would be kind of dangerous that's because it is home to many volatile materials. 

For example lots of carbon dioxide all of the water and hydrogen we have on Earth is replaced with carbon dioxide on this planet this means it's very carbon rich, but not very oxygen rich. 

There is also no water vapour in the atmosphere, this planet first time in atmosphere of the super earth exoplanet has ever been analysed successfully. NASA was able to use infrared observation to check out this planet is great detail but be warned on this planet is the gigantic global lava ocean. This planet does not have chemical similar to that of the earth atmosphere. These include nitrogen and possibly oxygen but let's go to the thing we are all thinking about the money, what is the total worth of this planet? 

Simply the answer is 879 nonillion dollars. 

Probably does not mean much to you because you cannot visualize such a big number. You can see it's the number 29 with 30 zero. The entire GDP of the world is 70 trillion dollars. If we could get to this planet and extract the diamond you we could easily pay off the debit of the world right now.  You need to see first get raw time and value 1 kg of RAW diamond is worth a cool 1.5 million Dollars. 

The issue first of his can we actually get to the planet? The planet if we wanted to go to the planet we had have to figure out how to survive in the temperatures on the planet. The planets temperature is 4400 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course this is too hot for any human being. It's also too hot for any technology that's right now. Not only that this plan is very far away 40 light years to be exact to put that in miles that's 230 trillion miles. So it's more or less to the human being actually get to this planet. But another issue what this planets worth is supply, and get into the earth, the price of diamonds dump so badly. 


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